NCIS: The Worst Show Ever

Crap television

Crap television

It is with passionate disgust that I just watched a re-run of NCIS on USA Network. The storyline of the show was that a man had faked his own death. It turned out that this “man” was transgendered.  After they found out that “she” was a “he,” one of the characters makes out with the bad guy. After they find out that the person is transgendered, they consistently refer to her as “him.” There is a scene where one of the guys on the NCIS team makes out with the bad guy. At the end of the show, they make a point of saying that the transgendered character was “pre-op;” that is, had not had her genitalia changed. The operation was scheduled for a week before they killed her. There were lines like, “What did it feel like to tongue another man?” One character says, “Having your outsides turned inside is so…” And another character responds, “Hinky?” The character, a girl, replies, “More than that!”

I am disgusted with this kind of intolerance being broadcasted on television to pollute the minds of impressionable kids. Worse yet, to play up to the basest bigotry of an intolerant audience. People who are transgendered are born that way. They are born with a deeply seated hatred for their biological gender and feel a compulsive drive to become the opposite gender. Women who are born transgendered hate even to look at their breasts. Men hate to look at or touch their penises. This isn’t something they choose, anymore than gay/bisexual people choose their orientation. If we’ve come so far that most people supposedly favor gay marriage, why should this kind of intolerance be splashed on the television? I will never ever watch NCIS again. It’s a crappy show, written by the lowest Hollywood hacks with story lines that are about as imaginative as a MacDonald’s Happy Meal. I only watch it when I am extremely bored and there is nothing else on television worth watching. As I said before, I will never watch it again.

Transgendered people should be treated with respect and compassion. They don’t decide one morning, “Hey! I’d like to be the opposite sex. That would be neat!” No. They are born with a burning desire to be the opposite sex. They identify completely with the opposite gender. Little boys want to wear frilly dresses and play with dolls. Girls want to roughhouse and be one of the guys. It starts from toddlerhood, perhaps even from infancy.

Making fun of transgendered people is like making fun of gay people. It can be done with class. Gay people who are normal can appreciate a funny gay joke. Normal people have the ability to laugh at themselves. What I saw on NCIS was not funny. It was ignorant intolerance. It was “hinky.” No, worse.


About Russell Smith

I was born at the American Hospital in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. I find inspiration in the lives of so many people from Joan of Arc to Oscar Wilde. While my primary avocation is photography, I also enjoy philosophy, theology and most of all, history. My beloved wife, Robin Anne Smith, who passed away in 2013 is also an inspiration to me. My beloved partner, Dana is also a great support and inspiration to me. I'd be remiss if I did not mention my cats: Natasha, Maxwell, Tigger and Nigel.
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6 Responses to NCIS: The Worst Show Ever

  1. Artistisch says:

    Yeah, hi. I would love to see a change in language on this story about how you refer to trans people. Please acknowledge that it’s transgender, NOT transgendered. I would like to ask you to correct the mistake of bad wording.

    • Well since you’ve made the correction for me, I don’t think it’s really necessary to make the edit. Thanks for enlightening me!

      • Artistisch says:

        So…. Since I’m an actual trans person correcting your transfobic slurs, you DON’T feel like you have to change your content because…. you’re lazy? Unless I see some action, meaning: unless you actually change that transfobic ish in this post, you’re not an ally, and this review is simply a publicity stunt. Empty gesture that bears no actual feelings of solidarity. Oh, and TRANSFOBIC.

        Let me explain something here, because you don’t seem to understand. Unless you stand with trans people in EVERY way, you are considered to not stand with us at all. You’re a threat and you’re that transfobic enemy that we fight every day of our lives. This attitude is not an attitude of an ally and if you concider yourself an ally to out community, you will do as I nicely asked the first time and change that transfobic slur.

        Let me explain further. You do not make the rules of what is or isn’t acceptable in trans community and that sad excuse to not make such a little effort to fight transfobia, especially your own internalised transfobia, is no more than just that: an excuse. Yes, it is necessary. Go and change it.

      • You clearly have issues. I did not slur anybody. I was actually defending people who are “transgender.” I condemned a program that portrayed people who like you as freaks. That is something to which I objected. You need to take that chip off your shoulder. You took a person who could have been a good friend to you and transformed him (me) into somebody who thinks you are seriously disturbed. I think you are doing a disservice to others like you and would do well to keep your mouth shut. I imagine you’ve already alienated a lot of people who meant you well with your paranoid, finger-pointing behavior. I find that ironic. Do yourself a favor, hon and stop trolling the web for enemies. Now you’ve made a new one. I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  2. Oh and by the way, it’s “phobic,”: from the Greek word “Phobia,” meaning “fear.” I’m not afraid of you. In fact, I think that you, Artistisch, are a real asshole.

    • Artistisch says:

      Now here’s a perfect example of doing a disservice to the community that you’re claiming to ‘protect’. If by protecting us you’re saying you’re going to decide what is right to do and what is not, then you’re not an ally at all. And the fact that you make it completely consciously, makes it all that much worse.

      A REAL ALLY would listen and say: ‘Hey, I’m sorry for using this derogatory term, I’ll follow your instructions because you obviously know more about the issue than I do and I’m going to make this a point to not make that kind of mistake again’. What you’re actually doing is misusing the title of an ally and turning it around. And we, trans people, don’t need that. We have enough of that already, don’t need to add to the pile. But hey, it’s so easy for you to get out of the conversation and act like you’re the boss and I’m acting insane, because you don’t get harassed, beaten, raped or murdered over slurs like that. And yeah, you might not get it, why it’s that big of a deal, and I understand. But unless you listen when I point it out, you’ll never do. You don’t have the lived experience and don’t see micro-aggressions like this as harmful, but the fact is that it is, in fact, harmful. Especially when you say it from the stance of an ally.

      Yes, you did slur trans people, as I’m telling you that you did. You’re not trans and you don’t get to decide what is offensive, hurtful or discriminating to me and what is not. It’s distressing to see slurs like that, and then read a malicious comment that ‘you must have issues’. YES, I have issues. With slurs like that. The fact that you’re uncomfortable to the point of feeling attacked when I only asked you one simple thing, is over-reacting. No need to get that defensive about it. I do have the right to get angry at people who don’t get it, even when explained. Especially when I explained. Because you’re not the first one. Nor are you second. Nor are you thousandth. You’re way, way, way further down the list. And yes, it bothers me. But obviously, you don’t get where that comes from. And I actually don’t blame you, but I am not sorry. And I will never be taken aback by that kind of behaviour, because if I would, I might have been assaulted. So I do not feel guilty, nor am I sorry. It saved me from a dangerous situation more than once. And it’s this kind of in-your-face attitude that actually made some changes in a lot of people’s views on trans community. I HAVE TO stand for myself and be unapologetic about it. Because, unlike for most people, there will be no one else doing it for me. Nor for most trans people.

      What you need to understand that the usage or ‘transgendered’ is, in a broader spectrum, a slur used against us to dehumanize us and make us an easy target. Just the way you call a gay man a ‘faggot’, ‘transgendered’ has very similar bearing in trans community, if not heavier. It’s also a way to make a person’s transness a whim or a ‘decision’. I was not ‘made trans’, and my existence is not past tense. And I refuse to be reduces to my transness. No one is that simple. So no, ‘transgendered’ is not a right word for ANY of trans people (well, unless a specific person tells you it is acceptable to use it for them). I can explain it further, if you’d request so, because I do believe in educating. But my way is the ‘whatever it takes’ way. You might get offended, but I don’t need to deal with that. So keep it to yourself, learn from your mistakes, and be understanding, as I am of you. Also, transgender is not put into quotes. Don’t do that, that also turns it into an offence.

      PS: If you feel like checking out some of trans activists, check out Kat Blaque on YouTube. She’s amazing and is very PC about her way of explaining. Maybe you’ll like her.

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