Counting Crows aka Adam Duritz Suck!

Adam Duritz

Adam Duritz

As I was walking through the Hollywood and Highland shopping mall, I heard a cover of Joni Mitchell’s song, Big Yellow Taxi. At the end of the song, Joni sang, “Late last night, I heard a screen door slam, and a big yellow taxi took away my old man.” Well, Adam Duritz ended it differently with some stupid line like, “…took away my girl friend.” Or the equivalent. According to Wikipedia, the font of all wisdom and knowledge, their cover of this great song came out in 2000. It must have been a flop. I don’t remember hearing it ever on the radio. Fast forward thirteen years, and I’ve heard it and I’m outraged.

So Mr. Duritz’s masculinity is so insecure that he couldn’t sing the song as it was written. Heaven forbid he show the courage of Mr. White Stripes who did a brilliant cover of Dolly Parton’s song, Jolene. He didn’t change a word. He begged Jolene not to “take away my man, even though you can.” Hats off to Jack White. He’s an artist. He has character and integrity. The album that he did with Loretta Lynn, Van Lear Rose is a masterpiece.

Counting Crows are responsible for such travesties as “Mr. Jones,” and then a bunch of other shitty songs that nobody listens to or cares much about. Adam Duritz is only two years younger than me. That makes him forty eight years old. I hope he snorted up all his profits from that one piece of crap song and dies like Pete Entwistle (a great artist, sorry for the comparison) alone in a Vegas hotel room from heart failure. Am I being extreme? I think not. I’m talking about artistic integrity of which Adam Duritz has none. If he can only butcher a classic song, then he in turn should be butchered.

It doesn’t seem he’s been up to much since 2003. Let’s hope and pray he doesn’t get some kind of comeback album cum tour. The garbage coming out of the radio these days is bad enough: corporate, predictable, and just plain lousy. By the way, will someone tell me the difference between Rap and Hip-Hop? And why should I consider spoken word music?


About Russell Smith

I was born at the American Hospital in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. I find inspiration in the lives of so many people from Joan of Arc to Oscar Wilde. While my primary avocation is photography, I also enjoy philosophy, theology and most of all, history. My beloved wife, Robin Anne Smith, who passed away in 2013 is also an inspiration to me. My beloved partner, Dana is also a great support and inspiration to me. I'd be remiss if I did not mention my cats: Natasha, Maxwell, Tigger and Nigel.
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10 Responses to Counting Crows aka Adam Duritz Suck!

  1. Oh yes thank you. Just listened to “accidentally in love” nominated for an academy award while making myself a cup of tea, thinking, what is this crap? I then googled “counting crows suck” and there is your fine post. Thanks man, let nature continue to inspire, it reveals the truth in culture.

  2. Alex Ellis says:

    Yes, “counting crows suck” on Google brought me here too. Just saw them on TV the Late Show, Can’t believe they are still around and man cut the stupid hair.

  3. jo jo says:

    Music should be melodious no matter the tempo, genre. And I mean music, real music. Not some worthless garbage posing as “music”. Counting Crows et al. make a flatulating pig combined with a wood chipper sound like something from Mozart by comparison.
    Oh, and their looks would make a billy goat puke. Small wonder……………………..

  4. Hello protentious douchebags says:

    Judging by your picture I’m sure you’ve killed yourself since this post. Just wanted to comment on what a sack of shit this article is and the people who commented are. You’re father was a successful journalist…I feel bad for him seeing his son as a shitty blogger, basically taking his art and making a joke of it. For some reason “Big Yellow Taxi” which is nowhere near the top quality of what the Counting Crows can do is always on the radio, so I don’t know what you’re talking about that and Mr. Jones is an amazingly well written song. It’s probably not pretentious or obscure enough for you to enjoy. That makes sense.

    The band has been travelling the world and selling out arenas since 1994. So I hope your sad dust of an orgasm blog made you feel good. They are doing just fine.

    • No, I’m not dead, but knowing that there are people like you, lacking any vestige of taste or tact, makes me wish that perhaps I’d be better off so. I don’t believe in censorship, so I thought I’d let the world see the kind of fans that are attracted to a crappy band like Counting Crows. Did I say attracted? No! You are clearly a devoted fan to a group that has about as much talent as a sack of marbles. Speaking of marbles, from reading your comment, it appears that you’ve lost a few.

  5. josh642 says:

    I was never a huge fan of theirs, but give me a break. What is the reason for this venom? Based on the same paradigms you give to Counting Crows, ANY band can “suck”. Or not.
    “A Long December” is a very nice song. Again, I was never a huge fan, but they are tolerable. If the guy wants to wear his hair like that….um, big deal. I’ve noticed butt cracks, nippleage, and bulges on public transportation – from that, one cannot turn away. With Duritz, you can just ignore it.
    He has a nice voice, anyway.
    You are curiously hateful.

  6. Pachanga says:


    One time I was in this bar in East L.A. and this white bitch walks up to me and goes ” Dude, You look JUST like Adam Duritz from Counting Crows!” so I got my cousin and her homegirls to whoop that cunts ass in the parking lot.

    • Good for you, Pachanga! I can’t think of a lower insult than to be compared to that worthless sack of skin Duritz! Also, I hate it when strangers approach me in a bar and start running their yaps. I came here to drink, idiot, not to make friends! LOL

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