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Another reason to Hate B of A

Earlier in the month, Bank of America announced that it was cutting 30,000 jobs. That’s enough people to work in an entire country. That would be one of our world neighbors that is less developed than the U.S. and much … Continue reading

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This Makes Me Angry

There is a picture of President Obama at the Washington Post online. He looks rather evil in it. With him is the President of General Electric, the most egregious of jobs exporting corporations. If you want to know why this … Continue reading

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It’s not Obama’s Fault

Bob Scheer from Truthdig just published an online article called, “One betrayal too many,” attacking President Obama and blaming him for the record number of poor who now live in the United States. I would venture to say that the … Continue reading

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A History of the English Speaking Peoples – 4 Volumes. by Winston S. Churchill My rating: 5 of 5 stars Churchill wrote this magnificent tome in language that makes the reader believe WWII never happened. He refers to WWI as … Continue reading

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Greetings from Saturn

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